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Marke VR China 2013"Beautifull China" - protest Vietnam

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:36 pm
by Jan Heijs
Vietnam protestierte bei die Weltpostunion (sehe UPU 2014-30) gegen die Marke der Volksrepublik China 2013 mit ein "Vietnamesischen" Insel in das Süd-Chinesisches Meer. Gibt es beanstandete Briefe VR China - Vietnam mit diese Marke freigemacht?
Vietnam protested at the UPU (see UPU 2014-30) against a postage stamp from 2013 of the Peoples Republic of China depicting an Island in the South-Chinese sea which is claimed to be Vietnamese. Are letters VR CHina - Vietnam with this stamp known and are measures taken against such letters?