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Macedonia Refugee stamp

Postby Dieter B » Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:01 pm

The stamp on the letter attached was protested against by Greece officialised through the UPU circulaire 1998-276. Greece announced that it would not accept this stamp used for franking. The stamp commemorates 50 years of children deportation to the Greek province of Macedonia. The letter also has a special cancel of "75 years of the ABECEDAR", a disputed book for the Slav minority in Greece.

The letter however was delivered, even if as poste restante, arrival stamp of Florina at rear side. Therefore the stamp was, in contrast to the UPU circulaire NOT refused by Greece on this letter. Nonetheless the cover bears a FYROM postmark, which Greece applied at the time to Macedonian stamps altogether, due to their bearing of the country name "Macedonia". Apparently the ABECEDAR postmark did also not raise an objection, although specifically in the region of Florina, the destination of the letter, was the book controversial.

Of course, this is no final proof since more letters with the stamp need to become known, but this is a first indication, that Greece may not have acted against the stamp, namely refusal, as announced.

Of course, this is a philatelic letter of a knowledgeable person of Greek-Macedonian history, who tried to provoke a reaction to both the stamp and the postmark on the letter.
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