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Referendum 2013 Falklands

Postby Jan Heijs » Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:55 pm

The Falkland Islands issued postage stamps for a referendum at 15 February 2013 on staying connected with the United Kingdom or not. Four stamps and a block. All the same design with different colours.
On the 17th of march 2014 Argentina protested by the UPU (Circular de Bureau International 46-2014) against these stamps about an "illegal referendum" held on 10 and 11 march 2013. Argentinas argument is that subjects and designs of postage stamps shall "be devoid of political character or of an offensive nature in respect of a person mor country" in accordance of article 8.5.4 of the Universal Postal Convention. Argentina rejects th above mentioned postage stamps. So as usual all member countries got this message. Question: Has anyone seen mail from the Falklands Islands to Argentina bearing one or more of these stamps and being rejected by Argentina????? It would be a new postal war.
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